I was skeptical at first about using an online company. However the advice I received via email from Bully was excellent and I instantly felt reassured. The service I received was excellent and I would not hesitate to use this company again or to recommend them. They are fantastic. Before contacting Deedoftrust I had contacted local solicitors in my area but they only seemed able to prepare a document that was nothing more than a tick box exercise and did not cover what I needed. Bully had this sorted within days. Thank you Bully

Julie, Crewe – December 2013

I rang initially for info to see whether I needed to  have a deed of trust and was lucky to get Bully as my adviser. He was very helpful, friendly, didn’t try and push your services and most importantly, did not hassle me thereafter with phone calls or emails. I felt he gave his time willingly on the phone with no strings attached. I also trusted him and that he knew what he was talking about. When I came to do this, he was already there and it was very easy and incredibly quick. I had the document within 3 days. Thank you Bully.

Karen, Altrincham – November 2013

I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and outstanding services of Bully. His responses to countless last minute requests for amendments to the draft due to changes in circumstances surrounding the trust deed were met with super efficiency. He was able to advise me on the various issues I might face and directed me to the best cause of action to circumvent any problems. I am deeply grateful for his patience and advice in very trying times. In a few words …Bully is absolutely the best

Shama, London – September 2013

I cannot express enough how efficient and thorough Deed of Trust have been, the speed  of the process and the attention to detail from start to finish has been first class and I will definitely be recommending your services. A big thank you to Bully for his professionalism throughout.

Ben, Essex – April 2013

Fast and efficient service. Deed of Trust quickly understood our individual requirements. Thank you.

Heather, Oxfordshire – April 2013

Although I was a little skeptical about using the services of Deed of Trust, a company found on the internet and of whom I knew very little, I am delighted to say that my concerns proved to be unfounded. I was fortunate to be assigned the services of Bully, one of their legal team and I have to say that Bully was enormously helpful in answering the many questions I asked and explaining everything in a very easy to understand manner, without getting bogged down with too much legal jargon. The speed and efficiency with which the information was prepared, collated and delivered was also very impressive. They promised on their website that details would be turned around within 48 hours and very often much earlier. Bully was getting draft papers back to me on the same day that I provided information to him – I was most impressed by his professionalism and efficiency. Thank you.

Roy, Middlesex – April 2013

The service I received from Deed of Trust has been excellent. I had several initial inquiries before committing and I was helped in a knowledgeable and professional manner. After going ahead with my deed and subsequently needing to change a couple of details in several drafts, my deed was finalized and produced in a matter of hours. I am extremely happy with the service I have received and would recommend Deed of Trust to anyone considering getting a deed. The cost was very competitive too, about a third of that quoted from a high street solicitor.

Lee, Kent – March 2013

Many thanks, your service and speed has been impeccable! I will be recommending deedoftrust.co.uk to my friends and family.

Kellie, London – December 2012

Very well priced for the excellent deed they provide. My Solicitor wanted to charge me £450 plus VAT for a deed of trust, I’m so grateful to deedoftrust.co.uk for all their help and kind words as well as for saving me hundreds of pounds.

Susan, Leeds – December 2012

I was very impressed with how quickly Bully replied and his helpful answers to questions I had for this slightly unusual use of the Deed and would be sure to use his services again.

David, London